The Institute

The Institute

Welcome to HYGIEIA website

HYGIEIA Scientific Research and Educational Cluster, a spin – off of the Research Institute for Mental Health, Neurosciences and Medical Precision ‘Kostas Stefanis’ of the University of Athens is an active supporter, promoter and advisor for medical research, educational and clinical projects.

HYGIEIA aims to foster innovation in scientific research through interdisciplinary collaborations while empowering professionals through certified seminars, workshops and master programs.

The Institute promotes social responsibility actions for wider access of the public on topics crucial to Public Health and for assisting patients and their families to a better quality of life.

Herein you may find useful information on our projects, publications, workshops and seminars as well as declare your interest in our actions.

Our staff of academics and professionals are always glad to help you implement your project or idea. For further clarifications and information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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