Our Work


HYGIEIA encourages original research in fields such as Palliative Care, Diabetes, Mental Health through the scope of Medical Precision. Based on our growing synergies with key members of Academia and national and international organisations, we foster interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration.

The Institute’s research focuses to produce and disseminate new knowledge of high academic standards. Along with key partners HYGIEIA also invests in training health professionals and aspiring researchers. By offering medical services we aim to contribute in Public Health while improving patients’ quality of life.


HYGIEIA supports lifelong education and vocational training in disciplines such as Medical Research, Mental Health, Medical and Care Services through the scope of Medical Precision.

We focus on the design and implementation of pioneering academic programs. Our vocational training programs are certified by the Education and Lifelong Learning Center of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Our training programs offer CME credits for healthcare professionals.

Our Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs, and especially our CPR/AED/First Aid courses are designed for Healthcare providers, the Educational community, businesses and groups, family and friends.

We offer additional courses in the interest of promoting awareness and better equipping the general public on matters of Public Health.

Medical services

Medical Precision has emerged as the most suitable approach for the better understanding, prevention and treatment of human diseases.

Our goal is to provide personalized medical care based on patient’s individual characteristics and other factors, such as the aggression of the disease or patient’s response to treatment.

It is our aim to establish and operate new innovative units for Diabetes, Metabolism, Physical Therapy and Mental Health in the wings of Palliative Care.

The project is in collaboration with the University of Athens, Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Ministry of Health.


Information days, seminars and workshops are an important part of our activities. Our goal is lifelong learning as well as promoting and raising awareness on pioneering interdisciplinary research in the Health sector.

We aim to raise awareness and inform the public on issues of Public Health. Moreover, HYGIEIA’s seminars aim to provide patients and their families assistance for a better quality of life.

Professional groups can also benefit through the Institute’s cutting – edge programs on the latest trends and practices.